Golden Evoo

Golden Evoo



We have started a journey that has been going on for a while: matching cuisine with olive oil.

New arrival of EVOO

The Mavroudis Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a new product that our family is happy to announce, once again displaying creativity in our products. This concept basically consists of adding edible gold flakes to extra virgin olive oil in the form of foils or shavings.

The olive oil’s edible gold comes from accredited and certified labs that ensure the product’s edibleness. This innovative production technique gives the olive oil special qualities. To ensure the highest quality, strict controls are implemented at every stage of the production process.

Golden EVOO for Cooking

The production process used to create “Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is innovative and confers numerous advantageous qualities and benefits on the product, which have numerous applications. Use it as a garnish for food, consider incorporating it into a range of meat and veggie dishes, such fish or game, or just use it as a salad dressing or creamy soup base.
It goes well with bitter chocolate ice cream, desserts, and mousses. The delight that penetrates every drop of Mavroudis Golden Extra Virgin Olive Oil will make it clear to you why we decided to develop it. It tastes incredibly opulent and has alluring golden and fragrant characteristics.

Properties and Benefits of Edible Gold

Perhaps many of you are not aware that gold is an edible precious metal. Nonetheless, its special advantageous qualities for the human body have been recognized throughout history. Imagine the myriad advantages that can be obtained by fusing the beneficial qualities of oil and gold. Our family decided to produce olive oil with gold flakes for this reason.

Cleopatra is a famous historical figure who exemplifies the usage of gold for its alleged anti-aging powers. Pure gold was seen by Cleopatra as an essential component in her attempt to stay youthful. According to historical accounts, Cleopatra’s nighttime beauty routine included the application of a gold mask.

Both ancient Rome and ancient China have been mentioned in relation to the use of gold. While gold was thought to be an elixir of youth in ancient China, it was also used to treat skin issues in ancient Rome. The “Edible Gold in Olive Oil” production process is distinguished by its antioxidant qualities, which also provide the body with notable advantages.

Golden Evoo
Golden Evoo
Golden Evoo