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Innovation Milling



The Mavroudis Olive Mill is the peak of our olive oil expertise. Our dedication to the details of olive oil extraction leads to a better product that stands out from the rest.

Careful Monitoring and Attention

A member of the Mavroudis family is involved in every step of the process of making olive oil. This hands-on way guarantees complete focus and careful attention at every stage, resulting in a quality standard that can’t be beat. Our drive for success isn’t just a business philosophy; it’s a family tradition that runs deep.

How Good Initial Pressing Is

We are dedicated to quality, and it all starts with choosing the right olives. If you only buy initial pressed olives, you can be sure that they have only been crushed and pressed once, which keeps the olives’ natural flavor. The high amounts of polyphenols, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fatty acids are protected by this careful process. This gives olive oil its health benefits.

Using the cold-pressed method

We use the cold-press method to protect the purity of these important nutrients. Processing olives at lower temperatures lowers the chance that too much heat will destroy their nutritional value. Our commitment to protecting these important things shows how much we care about your health.

Production on Time

In the last week of October, our mill starts working right away, and it doesn’t stop until the end of the crop in December or January. In this never-ending effort, we make sure that we press olives that have just been picked, keeping their energy and flavor.

Perfect Preparation of Olives

Before we start the extraction process, we clean the olives very carefully. Streams of air carefully clean them of dirt, grease, plant matter, food leftovers, and any other impurities that aren’t needed. This thorough cleaning process makes sure that our best olive oil is made from only the cleanest olive essence.

A clean and modern mill

The olive mill we have is a modern gem that was carefully made with cleanliness in mind. We follow strict food-grade rules at every step of the production process to make sure that our olive oil is safe and suitable. Quality and cleanliness are the most important things to us.

Shortened the time needed for processing

Oxidation levels are kept to a minimum by cutting down on working time. By taking this careful method, the best olive oils are made, which keep their freshness and nutritional value.

Keeping Things Perfect Stainless Steel Storage

After they are made, our olive oils are stored in large stainless steel tanks. The temperatures in these tanks are carefully controlled, and nitrogen is used to replace the air. This safe climate keeps the olive oil from going rancid, so it keeps its flavor, smell, and nutritional value.

Choosing to Be Better

Before it gets to your table, our olive oil goes through a controlled settling process that can last for weeks or even months. This very careful process removes the sediments from the oil, making sure that the olive oil you get is of the highest quality.
To sum up, the Mavroudis Olive Mill does more than just make olive oil; it also protects custom, quality, and health. Each bottle of Mavroudis olive oil is the epitome of greatness thanks to our family’s hard work, focus on first and cold pressing, and unwavering dedication to purity.

innovation milling
innovation milling
innovation milling