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Olive Groves



A dedication to preserving and passing on a rich cultural heritage is shown by the Mavroudis family's care for 2000 healthy olive trees in their groves.

Honoring Traditions That Go Back Centuries

In this forest paradise, the Lianolia Kerkira variety is a living reminder of the family’s long history. Some of these trees have been there for more than 700 years, and they are part of a botanical lineage that is deeply connected to the soil of Corfu and the wider Ionian Sea region.

Lianolia Kerkira: A Legacy That Will Last

When these ancient Lianolia Kerkira trees are cared for properly, they produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is a substance that is praised for both its culinary and health benefits. Polyphenols are found in large amounts in the liquid gold that is extracted from these trees. Eating this food has many health benefits. When food and health come together in this way, it gives the family’s olive groves more meaning and turns them into places with cultural and nutritional value.

Koroneiki: Adding Flavor and Freshness

The introduction of the Koroneiki variety, along with the ancient Lianolia Kerkira trees, shows how the Mavroudis olive family has changed over time. Because of these newer additions, the groves are now more colorful and full of energy. Olive oil from Koroneiki olives has a bright green color and a strong, fruity smell. This variety is full of vitamins and organoleptic compounds that promise a taste experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Keeping the acidity level of this olive oil low is a sign of how committed the family is to the highest quality standards.

Using Nature’s Gifts to Grow

The careful attention to detail and respect with which each olive tree is grown in Mavroudis Olive Groves shows a deep connection with nature’s gifts. This dedication fits with the family’s main goal of making excellent olive oil, showing how human action and natural processes can work together in harmony.

Olive Groves
Olive Groves
Olive Groves