olive harvesting

Olive Harvesting Approach



Two primary methods govern the harvesting of olives for oil: manual & mechanical harvesting. Neither method inherently surpasses the other.

Olive Harvest Methods

The olive’s quality is fundamentally shaped by the precision with which the process is undertaken.

Optimal Olive Harvest: Flavor Determinants

The crux of crafting premium olive oil lies in discerning the opportune moment for olive harvest. The ripeness of the olives during harvest decisively influences the resultant taste of the olive oil. Generally, greener olives yield a superior extra virgin oil, characterized by an intense, grassy flavor.

October Harvest Tradition: Gentle Hand-Harvesting and Swift Processing

Our olive harvesting commences in the waning weeks of October. Employing vibrating rakes, we delicately hand-harvest our family’s olives, ensuring a gentle shake that allows the fruits to cascade onto nets positioned slightly above the ground. This method safeguards against bruising upon descent.

Notably, this approach resonates with numerous neighboring farmers who also leverage our mill. Each harvest batch undergoes swift transportation to the family mill, where pressing occurs within a 24-hour window.

olive harvesting
olive harvesting
olive harvesting